Tony Caldwell on a walk
Tony near Richmond on Wainwright's
Coast to Coast Walk
Tony's entertaining presentations have attracted many favourable comments.
Here are a few:

"... with sounds of Nepalese life and music in our ears, and a host of visual images before our eyes, he unfolded a vivid tableau ..."

"An evening of wonderful entertainment"

"Excellent show ... remarkable slides accompanied by very informative and humorous lecture ... received by everyone with delight."

"A splendid talk, we all found very stimulating ... watch out Michael Palin"

"... thoroughly enjoyed your talk, and most impressed by your professional approach - truly the most polished speaker we have had"

"... heartily enjoyed the 'Coast to Coast Walk' lecture, both your account and the excellent pictures ... excitingly nostalgic and a fascinating introduction to that area ... never seen the hall so full, over 300 people"

"... how much we enjoyed it and how funny you were! ... you were one of the best speakers we have had, and we've had some very good ones!"